Energy Services


Start Reducing Operating Costs Today

We’ve developed a unique approach to service – one that is focused on reducing your costs by identifying how your building consumes energy and tactics you can to do to immediately begin eliminating wasted energy.  We offer a variety of Energy Service options that combine the latest technologies with old-fashioned attention to detail that will identify specific problem areas where significant savings opportunities exist.

Benefits of Our Energy Services

  • Reduce costs
    We’ll identify ways for you to save money through reduction of utility bills, including no-cost/low-cost options. And we’ll communicate the information and your options to you with easy-to-understand reports supported by real data from our building.
  • Increase comfort
    Your people are your most important asset.  We’ll help you to minimize complaints and improve comfort by reporting on findings and identifying issues.
  • Better planning
    Take the guesswork out of your planning with documented justification for improvements, including repairs, retrofit, and replacements for your HVAC systems.
  • Peace of mind
    You can be assured that there is a critical awareness of systems operation.

Utility bill savings, generating positive cash flow from day one, will quickly offset the upfront investment in Energy Services in comparison to typical maintenance services.

Action Plan

Getting started is simple and the solutions enabling you to get the best performance out of your building are easily within reach.

Typically, our process includes:

  • Initial meeting
  • Equipment survey
  • Energy benchmarking of your building
  • Review findings – discuss the cost of energy waste
  • Building performance assessment
  • Preliminary recommendations
  • Program recommendation
  • Implementation schedule
  • Performance review


Contact us today to find you can reduce your operating costs and improve your building’s performance.