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Lane Associates serves the greater New York City metro area, including the following counties in New York and New Jersey:

New York City (5 Boroughs) (NY)
Nassau County (NY)
Suffolk County (NY)
Westchester County (NY)
Rockland County (NY)
Bergen County (NJ)
Hudson County (NJ)
Essex County (NJ)
Passaic County (NJ)
Morris County (NJ)
Union County (NJ)
Somerset County (NJ)
Middlesex County (NJ)
Monmouth County (NJ)

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Heat Exchanger / Carbon Monoxide Danger

Heat Exchanger / Carbon Monoxide Danger

Carbon Monoxide: an Odorless, Colorless, Tasteless, Toxic Gas   Heat Exchangers Explained     With the heating season upon us, now is the ideal time to have a trained professional examine your Heat Exchangers.  A Heat Exchanger does exactly what...

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When to Order Spare Heating Parts

When to Order Spare Heating Parts

Yes, you read that correctly - I said heating!  It may be the beginning of Summer right now, but this email is about heating.  With the increased lead times and supply chain issues we have all been experiencing in every aspect of life, now may be the time to...

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