During the hot days of summer, it is critical that a building’s Air Conditioning system provides sufficient and reliable cooling for its occupants.  When cooling is insufficient or not working at all, a call to your HVAC contractor is the logical step to restore cooling.  However, prior to placing that service call, there are a few simple things that can be checked that often get overlooked and may eliminate the need for the call all together.  

     So what should be checked before placing a service call for no cooling?   


Often overlooked, there are some simple checks to ensure power is getting to your HVAC system:
Is the circuit breaker tripped?
Is there a blown fuse?
Is the disconnect turned off?




Make sure all settings are correct on your thermostat or controls schedule prior to placing a service call. Dead thermostat batteries will also result in no cooling and they are a very simple fix!
Is thermostat set correctly?
Is controls schedule set correctly?
Check thermostat batteries




Were your registers adjusted or closed recently to change temperature in the space? Make sure they are set to the open position, allowing maximum airflow.
Are Registers Set to Open Position?



Fire/Smoke Alarm System

A Fire or Smoke Alarm that is in Alarm State can shut off HVAC systems. Make sure your Fire or Smoke Alarm Panel does not show an alarm.
Is the System in Alarm?




If you are still unsure about whether or not to place a service call, you can always call LANE  24/7/365 and we will be happy to help