Maintenance plays a critical role in your HVAC equipment life, reliability, and in the comfort of your building occupants.  With summer now arriving, it is the perfect time to review your building’s HVAC maintenance plan. 

     Besides the obvious benefits of performing preventive maintenance tasks, such as extending the life of air conditioning equipment, and ensuring equipment is working properly, what else do you really get with your maintenance agreement? There are many, often unknown or simply overlooked additional benefits that are included with a LANE maintenance agreement:   

Financial Value

1. Preferred Pricing
Lane Maintenance Agreement customers receive the added benefit of a lower hourly labor rate than non-agreement customers. This reduces the overall cost of service calls and repairs, which can add up to significant savings.
2. Avoid High Cost of Emergency Service Calls
By performing regular maintenance inspections, the probability of emergency service calls is drastically reduced. This reduction can eliminate the high cost of emergency repairs!
3. Budgeting Assistance
The fixed monthly cost associated with a maintenance agreement helps bring piece of mind to any budget. By determining a fixed price that both meets your company’s budget as well as meets your equipment’s needs, the high fluctuation of monthly air conditioning cost can be reduced, if not eliminated.
4. Efficiency Savings While performing a preventive maintenance inspection, various air conditioning related issues, such as faulty economizers, are often discovered and corrected. By correcting these issues, efficiency is often increased, resulting in Operational Savings.  

Preferred Response Time

1. Same Day Service
Customers with Active Maintenance Agreements enjoy receiving same day service for emergency service calls. This is especially beneficial during the hottest days of summer, when same day service can equate to reduced downtime and increased productivity.
2. Emergency Service
Lane customers with Preventive Maintenance Agreements get prioritized response time for emergency service calls. Due to the urgency and seriousness that breakdowns bear, this aspect of a maintenance agreement can prove to be extremely valuable.
Performing Preventive Maintenance Task on Cooling Equipment

Increased System Reliability

1. Proactive vs Reactive Maintenance
By proactively maintaining Air Conditioning equipment, one can eliminate major breakdowns from occurring. Lack of proper maintenance is a major cause of breakdowns, and simply performing maintenance is your best bet to increase the overall reliability of your Air Conditioning System.
2. Reduction of Downtime
Increased system reliability also results in a reduction of downtime. And not only system downtime is reduced, studies show employee productivity is directly linked to Air Conditioning performance, so keeping your Air Conditioning running at peak performance is proven to help maximize your employee productivity.

LANE Celebrates 80 Years in 2024! Refrigeration Trivia: Lane Associates was originally founded as a Commercial Refrigeration Service Company in 1944, the very same year that William L Maxson invented the frozen dinner (later renamed the “TV Dinner”). Lane’s founder Louis Calderon saw the rise of refrigerated goods and the future need for refrigeration, and Lane Refrigeration was born!