Yes, you read that correctly – I said heating!  It may be the beginning of Summer right now, but this email is about heating.  With the increased lead times and supply chain issues we have all been experiencing in every aspect of life, now may be the time to order spare parts of your critical heating components so that you have them when you need them.

     Some simple parts (motors, etc…) that have historically always been in stock have been seeing weeks and even months as current lead times.  If your heating system has critical components, it may be a good idea to look into ordering spare parts to keep on hand in order to minimize downtime this winter.

     Please feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss this strategy in detail.  All systems are different, but we can help identify what parts may be beneficial to keep a spare on hand and get those ordered now before they become an emergency!

When to Order Spare Heating Parts:
  • Critical parts / components
  • Increased lead times of weeks or even months
  • Keeping a spare on hand to minimize downtime
    this winter
  • Order now so that you have important parts
    on hand this winter when you need them
  • Call / email me to identify what parts we can order now